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3 Now Defunct Record Labels That Shaped House Music As We Know It

What makes a crate digger a great record digger? Well, it depends on the angle you look at this issue. One might be that persistent guy who spends countless hours browsing through hundreds of second hand records, hoping to hit the jackpot with a totally underrated vinyl that got mixed up in the jazz selection. Or that guy who became a Discogs encyclopaedia, hopping from label to label and from artist to artist , eating reviews, hunting for a good price and a decent shipping rate. Or a combination of both: doing a bit of a homework online, then diving head first into the second hand crates hosted by the local record shop. Whatever your strategy is for finding good music etched on vinyl, you need to figure out what are the genres you’re most confortable with and start digging in that direction. With lots and lots of patience. 

For those of you that love to explore the underground world of electronic music, right on the border between house music and techno, here’s a good start. 3 record labels that have (at least) 2 things in common: they all released music way ahead of their time and they all ceased their operations, one way or another. For some of their releases the Discogs prices are ridicuosly high, so here’s an additional reason to hunt them on record shops or flea markets.


Described as “deep, minimal, atmospheric house music”,  Driftwood released music for only 3 years, between 2000 and 2002. These 3 years were more than enough for Driftwood to become one of the most influential record labels when it comes to strangely beautiful deep house. Run by Jean Cochois aka The Timewriter or Jeremy and Norman Feller aka Da Kine or Terry Lee Brown Jr., Driftwood released only 9 records, mainly containing music from its founders, under different aliases. As influential as it gets, the Driftwood sound is a dub & minimal house infused blend, regardless of the record you pick to play. As everybody is waiting for a repress, the original releases are now sold on Discogs for prices over 120 euros, so you better start digging for these 🙂 

Our personal favourite: Jeremy – So Peaceful

Tribal America

If you’re into the original house music, bearing the NYC sound signature, you need to start digging through Tribal America’s extensive catalog, now owned and managed by Twisted America. Owning a few Tribal America records is like owning a piece of history, as this label, with a few more others, defined the US house music scene as it is today. With Sharam and Dubfire aka Deep Dish introducing progressive house elements in their TA records as well as Danny Tenaglia pushing house music into yet to be explored territories, Tribal America has changed the course of house music, giving it funkier notes. Exactly the way we love the dancefloor 😉

Our personal favourite: Danny Tenaglia – Hard & Soul


Opened in 1991 and closed in 2014, Rephlex was an independent record label operated by Richard D James aka Aphex Twin and Grant Wilson Claridge. Acting like a time capsule for the Golden Age of IDM back in the 90s’, Rephlex was home for huge names like Squarepusher, Drexciya, AFX aka Aphex Twin aka Caustic Window, Baby Ford in his acid house times, Kerrier District aka Luke Vibert, Cylob and even A Bjork release. Huge huge catalog, but it’s worth spending a few hours, as an essential lesson about electronic music.

Our personal favourite: Kerrier District – Kerrier District 2

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Crate Digging with Cristi Cons: Missing Sunwaves Edition

Cristi Cons

It’s been so long since our last festival dance that now even thinking about going to a festival seems a bit awkward.

Remember Sunwaves? Yeah, the legendary 1st of May edition, with just enough sun and baselines to warm you properly for endless nights and fabulous mornings? With memorable DJ set after memorable DJ set, chained by an invisible groove?

Well, one of these memorable Sunwaves moments was usually Cristi Cons, all alone or together with his good friend, Vlad Caia, as SIT. Always surprising, ever evolving, sometimes oddball, sometimes deeper than usual, Cristi Cons’ sets are the perfect expression of his complex musical universe.

As he visited Misbits Record Shop a few days ago, we asked Cristi to pick from our crates five records he would play at Sunwaves 1st May 2021. He came up with an electro infused selection from various record labels, including Perlon, Rawax or Partout. Enjoy! Click each title for audio previews and buying options (be quick, these sell super fast!).

Oh, and we have a sweeeet discount if you want to buy all the records. Drop us a message here if you’re interested

Loosewomen – The PWC

Recept, Tom Churchill – Quisite / Loss Leader

Steve O’Sullivan – Three Trax

Disordered Rhythm Metronomy – Down

Atom Heart – Pure Function

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Crate Digging With Sublee

For a couple of years we shared quite a lot of fun moments with Sublee when he was member of our small team at Misbits Record Shop. We spent time chatting about what electronic music has best to offer, as he continuously sharpened his record selector skills. Sublee is Stefan’s producer alter ego, who made memorable appearances at labels like Metereze, PlayedBy, Introspections or Meander and more recently on his bandcamp page, where you can find a handful of extremely underrated gems. Last but not least, We Meet Again, a record that saw light at RAWAX, marks his coming to maturity as an artist, with his unmistakable blend of classic house music and insanely looped deep chords.

While grabbing one of the last remaining few copies of We Meet Again from here, you should check Sublee record selection, he made an extensive (online) crate digging session at Misbits. Here are his personal favourites at this very moment, sliding from house music to jazz via electro:

Wareika / Simone Adinolfi / Herck / Soll – Tempo Rubato I

listen / buy > click here

Eddie Fowlkees – Plant 19

listen / buy click here

Mystic Future, Hughes Giboulay, Aubrey – Cosmic Ray Event

listen / buy click here

Techfunkers – Techfunkers The Album: Techfunk Is Where It’s At (Vol 1 Out Of 3)

listen / buy click here

Chick Corea – Bliss!

listen / buy click here

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Crate Digging With Cosmin TRG

Cosmin TRG

With 2 seminal albums launched at the now defunct 50Weapons, releases signed at Hessle Audio and Rush Hour and a curatorial effort for his own record labels (Sportiv and Fizic), Cosmin TRG can be easily tagged as one of the artists who pushed the definition of techno deep into the uncharted territories of electronic experiments.
By all means, Cosmin TRG’s unique perspective on techno required a constant digging on the outskirts of the underground, be it cinematic, visual or sonic. So this why we challenged him to select a handful of records that are really close to his soul.
We were blessed with an eclectic selection, sliding from experimental to ambient and back. Enjoy!

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Crate Digging With Julian


The iconic Club Guesthouse has been at the epicenter of Romania’s electronic underground for the past 10 years. Julian‘s residency at Guesthouse came as an epitome of his record selector skills. In perfect sync with the crowd, these selections took us often to various places and states of mind. As remarkable as are his DJing performances, Julian runs also Eliptic Records together with Fengda Carissa.

We kinda got in the mood for those dusty club memories so we asked Julian to dig a bit through his record collection, to serve as an inspiration for our vinyl hungry souls. Enjoy!

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Crate Digging with Vlad Oscar: 5 Records That Spread Infinte Love

vlad oscar

Regardless if you talk about some French pop from the 80s’, some obscure 70s’ funk music recorded on 7″ records or mellow jazz made in Russia, the music collected on vinyl by Vlad Oscar has one thing in common: the groove. We tasted his signature groove for quite a few times during our small gatherings at the shop or around Bucharest, as he’s constantly playing lots of vinyl gems from his personal collection.

And, as we’re getting closer to the Valentine’s Day, when we prepared a few surprises for all the vinyl lovers and lovers alike (you can check our event details here), we asked Vlad Oscar to put together a short list of records that spread infinite love. Just make sure you’ll listen to these records in a good company 🙂

Vlad Oscar will spin some records at Misbits Record Shop on February the 14th, alongside Alexincase and Iorga. Click here for more details

The New Rotary Connection ‎– Hey, Love (1971)
One of my all time favorite love songs.

Nina Simone ‎– Little Girl Blue (1958)
I always enjoyed her jazz-soaked love songs

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins ‎– I Put A Spell On You (1956)
Because love is scary sometimes.

Barry White – Barry White Sings for Someone You Love (1977)
Nothing beats a glass of cognac accompanied by Barry White’s music on a romantic night.

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Kaya (1978)
Good vibes of love and positivity.

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5 Essential Hip Hop Albums From The 90s

hip hop

With billions of stream plays and millions of albums sold all over the world, it looks like hip hop is living its best times. Artists like Drake, Niky Minaj or Kendrick Lamar are followed by legions of fans, counting tens of millions and music videos count hundred of milions of views on any digital platform out there. Yet, the recent resurgence of the vinyl format is adding something that was lost somewhere at the beginning of the 2000s’: the soul of hip hop, with all the warmth and emotions only a vinyl record can provide 😉

So we turned our focus to the real hip hop Golden Age from the 90s’, when this genre was delivering a strong message, amidst the creative and sometimes bloody rivalry between the East and West Coast of the USA. Led by names like Notorious BIG, Tupac or Dr Dre, the hip hop was flourishing and was given some musical landmarks that had influenced artists for many decades that follow.

So, in no particular order and from our point of view, here are five hip hop albums from the 90s that could be easily tagged as influential and essential. There are many, many more that deserve to be mentioned so feel free to explore our record crates to find them. Be sure to check Misbits’ Hip Hop section from time to time, for some juicy records.

Dr. Dre – The Chronic (1992)

Wu-Tang Clan: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (1993)

Nas – Illmatic (1994)

Mobb Deep: The Infamous (1995)

The Fugees – The Score (1996)

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Crate Digging With Andrey Pushkarev

andrey pushkarev

10 years ago I was caught in the deep house x tech house blend broadcasted on At that time, Andrey Pushkarev was the resident DJ of the Russian online radio station, the moment his name started to appear in lineups all over Europe.

Whether sliding towards the dubbier realms of techno or going straight into his comfort zone, an emotional deep house with just enough energy to keep you dancing for hours, one thing is certain: it is not easy to tag Andrey Pushkarev’s DJ sets.

So we asked him to give us 5 tracks he discovered during his extensive crate digging sessions throughout Europe’s record shops, just to make an idea of his musical universe 🙂

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Crate Digging With Afriqua


Adam Longman Parker aka Afriqua is that kind of guy you’ll spend hours talking about music, regardless of genres, years or format. Afriqua received an extensive training in classical piano from a young age yet he let his soul driven towards electronic music. Now based in Berlin, Afriqua visited Romania for quite a few times, where he played at Control Club and Skema.

As we know Afriqua as an avid record collector, we asked him to make us a list with a few records he dug lately during his crate digging sessions:

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Crate Digging With Vincentiulian

Vincentiulian - Misbits Record Shop

With deep connections into Romania’s underground culture and his unique meditative sound patterns entangled into simple and effective percussions, it’s no wonder that Vincentiulian has released on labels like Metereze, Moment or Atipic.

As we were curious about what records are on his wantlist whenever he goes for a crate digging session, we asked the artist to tip us with 5 records close to his electronic heart.


Vadim Bondarenko ‎– Smoking Music

Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin ‎– Randori

Luciano – Tribute To The Sun

Rom1F ‎– PL Kiss The Sky

Rei Loci ‎– Holding Pattern

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Crate Digging With Andu Simion

Andu Simion - Misbits Record Shop

It’s pretty difficult not to fall in love with Andu Simion‘s house textures, with cosmic themed chords engraved into his unique percussions, sometimes uber techy, sometimes deeply minimal. With releases for Atipic or Polen, Andu quickly became that colourful spot into many DJ’s sets so we asked him what records he had bought recently to make an idea of his musical universe.

Plural – Shifting Forward

Kettenkarussell ‎– Insecurity Guard

Azure Taint ‎– Red Tension

Klorin ‎– Noncompliance

Fluxion ‎– Vibrant Forms III

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Record Store Day Special: 5 Records Picked From Misbits’ Discogs Account

Misbits - Misbits Record Shop

Ever been down the spiral, jumping from record label to record label, from artist to artist and from vendor to vendor, adding a countless number of vinyl pieces to your wantlist and waiting impatiently to pile up a few records from the same seller to justify the shipping costs?

Yeah, we know the feeling, we’ve been there a few times. So, for this year’s Record Store Day we selected 5 vinyl gems from Misbits’ official Discogs account and will make them available into the shop on Saturday, the 21st of April. From Hamid’s bouncy minimal house to Baaz’ signature deep house or weird electro released on Sport Records, we’re pretty sure you’ll find something to suit your taste and discogs addiction 😉 Click on the artworks below for a quick check 😉

Record Store Day will be celebrated at Misbits Record Shop on Saturday the 21st of April: cool music, fresh record stock and a laid back vibe on our terrace 😉 Details here

Hamid ‎– Cacoethes Carpendi

Baaz ‎– Few Days EP

Sasaki Hiroaki ‎– Some Woman EP

Keek ‎– Synaptic-Poon Tactic

Various ‎– Search & Deconstruct

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Crate Digging With Funk E

Funk E - Misbits Record Shop

Be it under his Funk E alias or a variety of weirdly funny monickers, like Marvin Gain, Laurentiu has managed to push his lively take on tech house on the underground dance floors around the world. Apart from appearances on Raum… Musik, Kurbits or The Rabbit Hole, Funk E chose to express himself freely on his own imprint, Great Empty Circle, with a number of amazing releases.

So it was about time to embark on a virtual crate digging tour with him, asking for 5 releases that pleased his ears lately while searching for good music engraved in vinyl.

Josh Brent – Raw Honey [Peacefrog]

Frankie Bones – The Roxbury Jam [Apexton]

CVO – Tasha Jaz [Balance]

Blake Baxter – Your All (I-Mix) [Disko B]

Chicago Underground Council – Da Pass [Peacefrog]

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Crate Digging With Kashawar

Kashawar - MisBits Record Shop

Yup, time for yet another crate digging session. This time we challenged


to reveal some of his favourite vinyl gems. You may know this guy from his amazing releases for labels like Autoreply, BodyParts, Partisan or Project London Raw. Not to mention his frequent appearances behind the decks of some pretty well known clubs like Der Visionaere or Hoppetosse!

Enjoy this selection of ambient records, with a slight touch of techno, drone and electro

Circadian Rhythms – Aea

Pacific 231 – Safeviolence

A Positive Life – Spacehopper

Sensurreal – Confidential Suite

The Primitive Painter- Cathedral

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Crate Digging With Kosta

MisBits Record Shop - kosta

When he’s behind the decks playing music, our good friend Kosta has this habit of walking our electronic souls from the sunny highways of house music to the jazzier back alleys. Don’t take our word for it, just hit play to the below track selection, made by Kosta to mark his appearance at Misbits’ terrace for yet another Vinyl Afternoon, together with Pif and Chill D (click here for more details).

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Arapu Digs Up 5 Awesome Records For Your Listening Pleasure

Arapu - Misbits Record Shop

We all love the long nights, when our emotions where driven into the deep lands of house & techno with the help of Arapu’s magical sets.

Now it’s time to meet our friend’s alternate musical personality, a more eclectic one, where strange pieces of jazz live in harmony with ambient, modern house music or trippy techno.

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A Funk Perspective: Crate Digging with UFe

Misbits Record Shop

A longtime record collector,

UFe started his love affair with the mixing decks around 15 years ago. Now counting around 2000 12 inches and some 500 7 inches records, you can imagine the amount of funk, jazz, boogie, hip hop or electronic music he managed to collect, from the most remote corners of underground to tunes touching the 70s’ mainstream. A vigorous and exciting experience, that’s how he likes to call his sound, influenced by the likes of Quantic, Cut Chemist or Kid Loco.

As we caught UFe in Misbits’ backyard mixing some fine tunes for the Record Store Day, we asked him to name 5 records from his personal collection, that best reflected his spring mood 😉

Don’t forget to hit the play button to catch just a bit under an hour of UFe’s selection, made on the 16th of April on Misbits’ terrace 😉



SOFRITO – Tropical Discotheque vol. 1


LOS CHAKACHAS – Jungle fever

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Jay Bliss’ Vinyl Selection:

jay bliss - Misbits Record Shop

16 years from his debut as a DJ at some underground raves in Sibiu, his hometown, we found Jay Bliss launching the third release of his very own record label, Stomping Grounds, and also preparing a new vinyl project called Vade Mecum. We can only expect top notch stuff from an artist that helped building the house & techno underground’s foundations in the heart of Romania.

We asked Jay Bliss for a quick look into his ever-growing vinyl collection, as a small introduction into his musical universe. Can’t wait to catch him playing this Saturday at Misbits Record Shop, when we’ll celebrate Record Store Day with good music, friends and a lot of surprises 😉

Your early DJing days in Sibiu in one record.

[OVM9004LP] Josh Wink ‎– 20 To 20

The first record shop you’ve ever visited.

A record shop in Brasov, forgot the name, but it was the first record shop in Romania. I think it was in 2001 or 2002. I saved money for a few months, spent a whole day there and left with 30-40 records.

The highest price you paid on discogs for one record.

I never buy super expensive records from discogs. I think i paid around 30E on In Sync ‎– Storm.

3 records you bought exlusively for your home listening pleasures

[!K7 Records / K7073] Kruder & Dorfmeister – The K&D Sessions TM
[Warp Records / Wap105] Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
[Delaphine 003] S.A.M. – Delaphine 003

The last 3 records you dug from Misbits’ crates (online or in shop)